Dr Paul Jourdan


[:en]Paul Jourdan is an African integrated development expert specialising in resource-based and spatial development strategies. He has wide experience working on economic growth & development in South Africa, the SADC, West and East Africa. He spent 16 years in Mozambique and Zimbabwe during the struggle against apartheid, working as a geologist, geophysicist and minerals economist, before returning to SA in 1991. He is the past President of Mintek, past Deputy Director-General in the DTI, and past ANC Minerals & Energy Policy Coordinator. He was a major contributor to the AU “Africa Mining Vision” (2009) and Country Mining Vision (2014). He chairs or sits on the board of three economic development agencies. Most of his recent/current work is as advisor to the SA and other African governments on resource-based equitable growth and mineral value-chains. He has a BSc (geology), a BA (African government), an MSc (mineral economics) and a PhD (politics).