SIM SENEGAL VIRTUAL SUMMIT 2021 – North West Africa’s leading mining event just started, this year in a virtual format.

The Virtual Summit of SIM Senegal is happening on 26 – 27 January 2021, under the theme “For a resilient mining sector in Senegal”. The event is, once again, supported by the Senegalese Government, notably the Ministry of Mines and Geology of Senegal, and addresses the impact of COVID 19 and what needs to be considered to strengthen the mining sector for sustainability and growth. The virtual event was opened by the Honourable Minister of Mines and Geology of Senegal, Mr. Oumar Sarr who made a speech during the Official Opening Ceremony. During his speech, the Minister said that “This event is the perfect moment for me to salute the very valuable contribution of the Senegalese mining sector in the recent fight against the pandemic, through multifaceted and appreciated support to the State both on the central and community level. Mines and Geology will have to play their role as catalyst for growth on the territorial and national levels, especially at a time when post-Covid and pro PAP 2A initiatives form a matrix of consolidated actions, capable of boosting the economy, of supporting the resilience of vital actors and sectors of the economy.” NEW FEATURES: SIM Senegal Virtual includes: a Virtual Conference with live presentations and discussions, and Virtual Meeting Points for networking between the attendees. Participants networked with government officials, mining exploration and service companies, legal and finance experts and all organisations involved in the mining supply and value chain. The programme sessions have simultaneous translation in English and French, allowing the participants to listen in their favourite language. The first day of the Virtual Summit involves discussions focussed on mechanisms for optimizing socio-economic benefits for communities, local content in the mining sector: support systems, new strategies for better participation, and innovative solutions for social inclusion and women’s empowerment. The second day includes sessions of debate on technological innovation for the resilience of mining companies, and on the next steps on the future of the mining industry in Senegal. The 2-day virtual event is being organised whilst we wait for the 6th edition of  the live SIM Senegal Conference and Exhibition in June 2021, speakers at the virtual summit include: Mr Lamine Diouf, Directeur du Contrôle et de la Surveillance des Opérations Minières (DCSOM); Dr Rokhaya Samba Diène, Directeur de la Prospection et de la Promotion Minières and Ms Roseline Mbaye Carlos, Directeur des Mines et de la Géologie (DMG), Ministère des Mines et de la Géologie, Senegal as well as officials from mining companies present in Senegal, civil society, schools and training institutes and internationally renowned consultants. SIM Senegal Virtual Summit includes the key stakeholders in the Senegalese mining sector:
  • sponsors: GCO, CSTTAO, Sococim, Iamgold, Vivo Energy, Saudequip, IDC, CTA.
  • exhibitors: Forage FTE, Geotec Afrique, Olipes, SSTP, SGS, Haladjian, Somiva, Roc Impact, Trelleborg, Krohne, Titanobel, S.I.G. SPA, Ste. Senegalaise, Mineex, Saudequip, Sococim, CTA Group, Vivo Energy Senegal, IDC Drilling company, Agts, Schenck Process, GCO, Iamgold, Saudequip.